Testimonials & Professional ENDORSEMENTS

“Creating beautiful pieces while helping mother eartH”

“I've known Hannah + Nemo for many years and it's been a pleasure to watch them grow as artists over that time. They approach each project with a meaningfulness and passion to do more than create something that pleases the eye. Creating beautiful pieces while helping mother earth; art that makes you feel good on multiple levels. As a consultant I enjoy working with them on projects because I know my clients will be satisfied and I can depend on them to deliver on time. They are professional, fun, and easy to work with.”

Inda HahN

Art Consultant, Austin, tx, ARTPLUSARTISANS.COM

“Their art is consistent and continues to progress”

“Hannah and Nemo are a couple of the best networking artists I have ever met. They are hard working. Their art is consistent and continues to progress. In my curation experience Hannah and Nemo have always been reliable and professional. As a collector, their work evolves and drives the desire for the consumer to want more.”

Eric Matelski

Artist, Retail Sales Director, Epic Brewing, dENVER, CO

“Their love for their craft and their collaborative approach to the work is evident.”

Hannah and Nemo are the epitome of what working, producing artists are all about. Their love for their craft and their collaborative approach to the work is evident. There is this fine balance of detail, whimsy, and joy that the viewer gets when encountering their work. I appreciate their commitment to pursuing their passion and am always grateful for the fact that they continue to give back to emerging artists.

Jon Hinojosa

Artistic/Executive Director, Say Si, San Antonio, TX, saysi.org

“It’s truly a phenomenon that uplifts us everyday.”

Hannah and Nemo’s artwork is a prime example of how years of training and perfecting a craft can give artists the ability to utilize otherwise mundane materials and make them into magic!

We purchased a piece that we proudly display in our dining area. Due to it’s inherent construction the piece shimmers with the slightest breeze. It’s truly a phenomenon that uplifts us everyday.

Alonzo Alston

Architect, sAN aNTONIO, tx, solstudioarchitects.us

“Simply put, who knew “round discs of aluminum cans” could make us so happy.”

Living with art is very important to my husband and me.  We choose art works for our home that talks to us and makes us think. 

We like the “consumerism vs environmentalism” that our piece represents.  It’s also colorful, has movement and sparkles when the sunshine enters our home.  Our grandsons tell us that the Hannah and Nemo piece reminds them of a kaleidoscope because they see different patterns within the mosaic work. 

We recognize and respect the hours these artisans spend collecting, planning and fabricating to create these impressive interactive graphic designs.  We also thank Hannah and Nemo for supporting Say Si, an arts organization that helps young people craft their artistic skill.  We purchased our piece at the annual Say Si arts fundraiser. 

Simply put, who knew “round discs of aluminum cans” could make us so happy.  We appreciate your talent and respect your creativity.

Lainey Berkus

Arts Patron & Editorial Columnist, San Antonio, TX, mysanantonio.com