Why Cans?

A simple medium

What happens when two humans and a cat cohabitate in a 96 square foot van (since 2010)? They simplify, minimize, and learn to recognize “The Curse of Creativity”. By limiting themselves to the bare necessities for living and creating, Hannah+Nemo, discovered the ultimate raw material - discarded aluminum cans.

Looking back on a discovery

Obsessive organizers and sorters by nature, Hannah+Nemo, routinely collected bits of flotsam, which they neatly mounted into grids, and hung on the wall to decorate their space. Plastic bottle caps came quickly, but things like exacto blades and used up pencils took time to collect, limiting the couples choices.

One day, as Hannah was looking around for project materials, she noticed a couple of Lone Star Beer Cans from the previous evening. At the time, Lone Star cans had portraits of famous Texans as part of their graphics, and this design detail sparked a vision! Hannah went about cutting into the cans, flattening them, and scoring the outline of a cat and a dog, and then nailing them down flat onto a piece of wood. These two art pieces were donated to an animal rescue charity and were some of the first pieces to sell.

After that experience, Hannah and Nemo realized they had discovered the perfect abundant material for themselves, and over the years, wen’t about developing their current artistic form.

Stay tuned to find out why “The Curse of Creativity” is the driving force behind this creative couple’s motivation…read next post

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