Why are we "Cursed by Creativity"? Isn't it Great Being Creative?

Naturally creative

We are natural born artists. All of us are. As children we are brimming with creativity. Some people hold on to it, others let it go. It’s part of our human nature. For those of us who hold on to our creativeness, (or can’t seem to shake it), we hold a reverence for its value. Without creativity, so much would be missing from our collective existence.

It is understood that art and culture have an enormous value to our society, which is simple to see with a quick glace at history. But many overlook the role that art and design play in our everyday lives, even for those who don’t consider themselves art collectors. From the fork on your plate, to your favorite song, the car you drive, and the building you work in, someone poured their creative energy into its conceptualization and materialization.

Every Day Existence

Imagine looking at your world through this creative lens. You recognize the designers mind in everything you see and touch. You constantly react to its beauty and function, or lack thereof. Now apply this your need to create, as an artist. Your mind is constantly full of concepts. Design ideas, improvement ideas, formulations, combinations, premises, visions, concoctions. You feel that you could not survive without access to this part of your brain. It feeds you, it nurtures you, you know it is important, but its importance is only useful if you can share it.

So, we the artists, continue to create. We create so much; every time an idea is present, we pursue it. Part of us thinks we have to do this, because if we don’t, how will we ever know if it’s worth developing? We spend hours, days, months, years working out the details. Painting, drawing, fabricating, writing, singing, and dreaming. But then reality sets in - we have needs. Just like everyone else, we need to eat. This is where we begin to recognize “The Curse of Creativity.”

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