We love Texas Beer

Once we started travelling state to state, it hit us how BIG our home state of Texas really is. As the saying goes, “Once you are out of Texas - You are halfway to anywhere!” We realized how true that felt. We would spend one full day and night on the road before crossing the state line, but then, in what seemed like no time at all, we would be arriving at our destination - 5 states over.

Texas also has a large population. Natives and transplants alike - and we (they?) are everywhere! Literally every festival we have done across the USA, we’ve had fellow Texans sidling up to say “Howdy Y’all” and then try to spot all the Texas punches featured in our art (we call the circles we use “punches” because we punch them out with an enormous hole punch). We’ve had Texans residing in other states sentimentally make a purchase from us, and Texans on vacation pick out pieces to be shipped back home.

While representing Texas on the road hasn’t been all rainbows and puppy dogs - I remember the couple who upon realizing we we’re from Texas gave us dirty looks and skedaddled, and then there was the guy who said he would never, ever, ever set foot in our state, ever - it has been amazing to discover all the Texas lovers, even people who have never been here!

Even though we’ve always been very equal opportunity in representing the widest variety of canned beverages possible in our art form, all this interaction has led us to create our latest offering - an extra special Texas beers themed reproduction. After so many people have asked why we don’t make a piece with “only Texas punches”, we decided to go for it! And in another first, its a reproduction on paper - something we’ve been wanting to try.

We love how this piece turned out with its three dimensional shadow effect and crisp saturated colors. It represents all our favorite brews, old and new, commercial and craft, from Big Bend to Deep Ellum, cute critters and creepy weirdos, this Lone Star collage will make you proud to be a Texan, and pine for all your brewed-by-Texans ales.

Pick one up here on our website: Texas Beers Reproduction on Paper by Hannah+Nemo